Cresfinex Mk 4

Quick Overview

Cresfinex Mk 4
Sizes:2.4m, 3m, 4.8m, 6m
Colours:Brown, Mill, White
Robust aluminium sections

1.05.0400. Cresfinex Mk 4


Cresfinex Mk 4
  • Robust aluminium sections
  • High quality supple EPDM Gasket in-situ
  • For roof pitches 35-50 degrees fit DGBS to the internal groove
  • For roof pitches 15-35 degrees fit DGBS to the external groove

Additional Information

SKU 1.05.0400.
Available in sizes 2.4m
In Finishes Brown BrownMill MillWhite White
Compatible With Capex 40, Capex 60, Capex 50, Capex 70, Cresfinex MK4
Addtional Details
1.05.0400.2400.11Cresfinex MK 4 2.4m Brown Ral 8040
1.05.0400.2400.30Cresfinex MK 4 2.4m Mill Finish
1.05.0400.2400.35Cresfinex MK 4 2.4m White Finish
1.05.0400.3000.11Cresfinex MK 4 3m Brown Ral 8040
1.05.0400.3000.30Cresfinex MK 4 3m Mill Finish
1.05.0400.3000.35Cresfinex MK 4 3m White Finish
1.05.0400.4800.11Cresfinex MK 4 4.8m Brown Ral 8040
1.05.0400.4800.30Cresfinex MK 4 4.8m Mill Finish
1.05.0400.4800.35Cresfinex MK 4 4.8m White Finish
1.05.0400.6000.11Cresfinex MK 4 6m Brown Ral 8040
1.05.0400.6000.30Cresfinex MK 4 6m Mill Finish
1.05.0400.6000.35Cresfinex MK 4 6m White Finish