Lockside LE5/44/16/5799 *Unmachined* - 2.1m

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Lockside LE5/44/16/5799 *Unmachined* - 2.1m
Colours:White Ral 9010, Brown Ral 8017
For 16mm Lock Face Plate

1.23.0755. Lockside LE5/44/16/5799 *Unmachined* - 2.1m


Lockside LE5/44/16/5799 *Unmachined* - 2.1m
  • For 16mm Lock Face Plate
  • Also available machined to your specification - a sample can be obtained by contacting the office

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SKU 1.23.0755.
Available in sizes 2100mm
In Finishes White Ral 9010 White Ral 9010Brown Ral 8017 Brown Ral 8017
Addtional Details
1.23.0755.2100.14Lockside LE5/44/16/5799 *Unmachined* - 2.1m - Brown Ral8017
1.23.0755.2100.35Lockside LE5/44/16/5799 *Unmachined* - 2.1m - White Ral 9010