Dgbs 3x15

Quick Overview

Dgbs 3x15
Sizes:150m and 300m
Self adhesive closed cell EPDM

1.09.0020. Dgbs 3x15


Dgbs 3x15
  • Self adhesive closed cell EPDM
  • Will not absorb moisture

Additional Information

SKU 1.09.0020.
Available in sizes 150m and 300m
In Finishes Black Black
Compatible With Capex 40, Capex 60, Capex 50, Capex 70, Cresfinex MK2, Cresfinex MK3, Cresfinex MK4
Addtional Details
1.09.0020.0010.00DGBS 3x15 ** 10mtr ** Black
1.09.0020.0020.00DGBS 3x15 **20m** Black
1.09.0020.0030.005016570003919DGBS 3x15 **30m** Black
1.09.0020.0040.00DGBS 3x15 **40m** Black
1.09.0020.0050.00DGBS 3x15 **50m** Black
1.09.0020.0060.00DGBS 3x15 **60m** Black
1.09.0020.0070.00DGBS 3x15 **70m** Black
1.09.0020.0080.00DGBS 3x15 **80m** Black
1.09.0020.0090.00DGBS 3x15 **90m** Black
1.09.0020.0100.00DGBS 3x15 **100m** Black
1.09.0020.0110.00DGBS 3x15 **110m** Black
1.09.0020.0120.00DGBS 3x15 **120m** Black
1.09.0020.0130.00DGBS 3x15 **130m** Black
1.09.0020.0140.00DGBS 3x15 **140m** Black
1.09.0020.0150.005016570006330DGBS 3x15 150m Black
1.09.0020.0160.00DGBS 3x15 **160m** Black
1.09.0020.0170.00DGBS 3x15 **170m** Black
1.09.0020.0180.00DGBS 3x15 **180m** Black
1.09.0020.0190.00DGBS 3x15 **190m** Black
1.09.0020.0200.00DGBS 3x15 **200m** Black
1.09.0020.0210.00DGBS 3x15 **210m** Black
1.09.0020.0220.00DGBS 3x15 **220m** Black
1.09.0020.0230.00DGBS 3x15 **230m** Black
1.09.0020.0240.00DGBS 3x15 **240m** Black
1.09.0020.0270.00DGBS 3x15 **270m** Black
1.09.0020.0290.00DGBS 3x15 **290m** Black
1.09.0020.0300.00DGBS 3x15 300m Black