Cresfinex 175 M2

Quick Overview

Cresfinex 175 M2
Sizes:2.4m, 3m, 4.8m, 6m
Colours:Brown, Mill, White
Robust aluminium sections in 3 or 6 metre lengths

1.05.0060. Cresfinex 175 M2


Cresfinex 175 M2
  • Robust aluminium sections in 3 or 6 metre lengths
  • High quality supple EPDM Gasket in-situ
  • CFX is suitable as standard for the ridge with a roof pitch angle of 15-35 degrees.
  • For steeper angle from 35-50 degrees remove the standard gasket and insert Hip and Valley gasket
  • Crests and finials slide into and are secured into the M2 ridge

Additional Information

SKU 1.05.0060.
Available in sizes 2.4m
In Finishes Brown BrownMill MillWhite White
Compatible With Capex 40, Capex 60, Capex 50, Capex 70, Cresfinex MK2
Addtional Details
1.05.0060.3000.11Cresfinex 175 M2 3m Brown Ral 8040
1.05.0060.3000.30Cresfinex 175 M2 3m Mill
1.05.0060.3000.35Cresfinex 175 M2 3m White Ral 9010
1.05.0060.4800.11Cresfinex 175 M2 4.8m Brown
1.05.0060.4800.30Cresfinex 175 M2 4.8m Mill
1.05.0060.4800.35Cresfinex 175 M2 4.8m White Ral 9010
1.05.0060.6000.11Cresfinex 175 M2 6m Brown Ral 8040
1.05.0060.6000.30Cresfinex 175 M2 6m Mill
1.05.0060.6000.35Cresfinex 175 M2 6m White Ral 9010