Mxs15/72 Frame Specific

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Mxs15/72 Frame Specific
Sizes:880mm to 6020mm
Colours:Gold, Mill
For inward opening doors - outward infill available - 1.01.0388

1.01.0387. Mxs15/72 Frame Specific

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  • Mxs15/72 Frame Specific


Mxs15/72 Frame Specific
  • For inward opening doors - outward infill available - 1.01.0388
  • Under door clearance 12mm
  • Suitable for moderate exposure
  • Accepts frame specific end caps to suit:- Rehau 706, Spectus Elite 70, Swish 24/7, Duraflex PVC
  • Easily removeable for remedial work

Wheel Chair FriendlySuitable for Moderate ExposurePart M Approved

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Additional Information

SKU 1.01.0387.
Available in sizes 880mm to 6020mm
In Finishes Gold GoldMill Mill
Addtional Details
1.01.0387.1000.15MXS 15/72 Frame Specific 1000mm Gold
1.01.0387.1000.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 1000mm Mill
1.01.0387.1220.15MXS15/72 Frame Specific 1220mm Gold
1.01.0387.1220.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 1220mm Mill
1.01.0387.1524.15MXS15/72 Frame Specific 1524mm Gold
1.01.0387.1524.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 1524mm Mill
1.01.0387.1829.15MXS15/72 Frame Specific 1829mm Gold
1.01.0387.1829.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 1829mm Mill
1.01.0387.2000.15MXS15/72 Frame Specific 2mtr Gold
1.01.0387.2000.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 2mtr Mill
1.01.0387.2134.15MXS15/72 Frame Specific 2134mm Gold
1.01.0387.2134.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 2134mm Mill
1.01.0387.2439.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 2439mm Mill
1.01.0387.3000.15MXS15/72 Frame Specific 3mtr Gold
1.01.0387.3000.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 3mtr Mill
1.01.0387.4000.15MXS15/72 Frame Specific 4mtr Gold
1.01.0387.4000.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 4mtr Mill
1.01.0387.4590.30MXS15/72 Frame Specific 4590mm Mill