Oum Thicker Door Sill

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Oum Thicker Door Sill
Sizes:914mm to 4590mm
Colours:Gold , Mill
For outward opening doors

1.01.0331. Oum Thicker Door Sill

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  • Oum Thicker Door Sill


Oum Thicker Door Sill
  • For outward opening doors
  • Under door clearance 20mm
  • Suitable for exposed locations
  • Separate deflector and seal carrier
  • Designed for doors 44mm thick and over

Wheel Chair FriendlySuitable for Severe ExposurePart M Approved

Additional Information

SKU 1.01.0331.
Available in sizes 914mm to 4590mm
In Finishes Gold GoldMill Mill
Addtional Details
1.01.0331.0914.00OUM Thicker Door Sill-914 mm-BLACK
1.01.0331.0914.155016570005845OUM Thicker Door Sill-914 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.0914.305016570005852OUM Thicker Door Sill-914 mm-Mill
1.01.0331.0990.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-990 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.0990.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-990 mm-MILL
1.01.0331.1000.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-1000 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.1000.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-1000 mm-MILL
1.01.0331.1066.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-1066 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.1066.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-1066 mm-MILL
1.01.0331.1220.00OUM Thicker Door Sill-1220mm Black
1.01.0331.1220.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-1220 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.1220.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-1220mm Mill
1.01.0331.1524.00OUM Thicker Door Sill-1524mm Black
1.01.0331.1524.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-1524mm-Gold
1.01.0331.1524.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-1524mm Mill
1.01.0331.1829.155016570006583OUM Thicker Door Sill-1829 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.1829.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-1829mm-Mill
1.01.0331.2134.00OUM Thicker Door Sill-2134 mm- Black
1.01.0331.2134.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-2134 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.2134.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-2134 mm-Mill
1.01.0331.2439.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-2439 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.2439.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-2439 mm-MILL
1.01.0331.2744.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-2744 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.2744.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-2744 mm-Mill
1.01.0331.3049.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-3049 mm-GOLD
1.01.0331.3049.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-3049 mm-MILL
1.01.0331.3354.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-3354 mm-Gold
1.01.0331.3354.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-3354 mm-Mill
1.01.0331.4590.15OUM Thicker Door Sill-4590 mm-GOLD
1.01.0331.4590.30OUM Thicker Door Sill-4590 mm-MILL