Mwk 104

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Mwk 104
Sizes:914mm to 4015mm
Colours:Gold , Mill
For inward opening doors

1.01.0296. Mwk 104

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  • Mwk 104


Mwk 104
  • For inward opening doors
  • Under door clearance 25mm
  • Rear thermal barrier prevents condensation
  • Designed for 56mm thick doors
  • No seals underfoot to be damaged by foot traffic

Wheel Chair FriendlySuitable for Severe Exposure

Additional Information

SKU 1.01.0296.
Available in sizes 914mm to 4015mm
In Finishes Gold GoldMill Mill
Addtional Details
1.01.0296.0914.09MWK 104- 914mm-Matt Bronze
1.01.0296.0914.15MWK 104- 914mm-Gold
1.01.0296.0914.30MWK 104- 914mm-Mill
1.01.0296.1000.15MWK 104-1000mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.1000.30MWK 104-1000mm-Mill
1.01.0296.1220.09MWK 104-1220mm-Matt Bronze
1.01.0296.1220.15MWK 104-1220mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.1220.30MWK 104-1220mm-Mill
1.01.0296.1524.09MWK 104-1524mm-Matt Bronze
1.01.0296.1524.15MWK 104-1524mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.1524.30MWK 104-1524mm-Mill
1.01.0296.1829.09MWK 104-1829mm-Matt Bronze
1.01.0296.1829.15MWK 104-1829mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.1829.30MWK 104-1829mm-Mill
1.01.0296.2000.15MWK 104-2000mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.2000.30MWK 104-2000mm-Mill
1.01.0296.2134.09MWK 104-2134mm-Matt Bronze
1.01.0296.2134.15MWK 104-2134mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.2134.30MWK 104-2134mm-Mill
1.01.0296.2439.09MWK 104-2439mm-Matt Bronze
1.01.0296.2439.15MWK 104-2439mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.2439.30MWK 104-2439mm-Mill
1.01.0296.2744.30MWK 104-2744mm-Mill
1.01.0296.3049.15MWK 104-3049mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.3049.30MWK 104- 3049mm-Mill
1.01.0296.3659.15MWK 104-3659mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.3659.30MWK 104-3659mm-Mill
1.01.0296.4015.15MWK 104-4015mm-Matt Gold
1.01.0296.4015.30MWK 104-4015mm-Mill