Mtb M-Tie Bar

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Mtb M-Tie Bar
Sizes:1000mm to 4590mm
Colours:Black, Gold , Mill
Suitable for Adjustex, DSS and HPB

1.01.0270. Mtb M-Tie Bar

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  • Mtb M-Tie Bar


Mtb M-Tie Bar
  • Suitable for Adjustex, DSS and HPB

Wheel Chair Friendly

Additional Information

SKU 1.01.0270.
Available in sizes 1000mm to 4590mm
In Finishes Black BlackGold GoldMill Mill
Addtional Details
1.01.0270.0914.00MTB M-Tie Bar-914 mm-BLACK
1.01.0270.0914.15MTB M-Tie Bar-914 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.0914.30MTB M-Tie Bar-914 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.1000.00MTB M-Tie Bar-1000 mm-BLACK
1.01.0270.1000.15MTB M-Tie Bar-1000 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.1000.30MTB M-Tie Bar-1000 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.1066.00MTB M-Tie Bar-1066 mm-BLACK
1.01.0270.1066.12MTB M-Tie Bar-1066 mm-Brown
1.01.0270.1066.15MTB M-Tie Bar-1066 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.1066.30MTB M-Tie Bar-1066 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.1220.00MTB M-Tie Bar-1220 mm-Black
1.01.0270.1220.15MTB M-Tie Bar-1220 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.1220.30MTB M-Tie Bar-1220 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.1524.00MTB M-Tie Bar-1524 mm-BLACK
1.01.0270.1524.15MTB M-Tie Bar-1524 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.1524.30MTB M-Tie Bar-1524 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.1829.00MTB M-Tie Bar-1829 mm-BLACK
1.01.0270.1829.15MTB M-Tie Bar-1829 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.1829.30MTB M-Tie Bar-1829 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.2000.15MTB M-Tie Bar-2000 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.2000.30MTB M-Tie Bar-2000 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.2134.00MTB M-Tie Bar-2134 mm-BLACK
1.01.0270.2134.15MTB M-Tie Bar-2134 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.2134.30MTB M-Tie Bar-2134 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.2439.00MTB M-Tie Bar-2439 mm-BLACK
1.01.0270.2439.15MTB M-Tie Bar-2439 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.2439.30MTB M-Tie Bar-2439 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.2744.30MTB M-Tie Bar-2744 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.3000.15MTB M-Tie Bar-3000 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.3000.30MTB M-Tie Bar-3000 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.3049.00MTB M-Tie Bar-3049 mm-BLACK
1.01.0270.3049.30MTB M-Tie Bar-3049 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.3354.15MTB M-Tie Bar-3354 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.3354.30MTB M-Tie Bar-3354 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.3659.30MTB M-Tie Bar-3659 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.4000.15MTB M-Tie Bar-4000 mm-Gold
1.01.0270.4000.30MTB M-Tie Bar-4000 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.4590.30MTB M-Tie Bar-4590 mm-Mill
1.01.0270.6020.30MTB M-Tie Bar-6020 mm-Mill