Erd Deflector (No Seal)

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Erd Deflector (No Seal)
Sizes:914mm to 4590mm
Colours:Gold , Mill
For Inward and Outward Opening Doors

1.01.0130. Erd Deflector (No Seal)

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  • Erd Deflector (No Seal)


Erd Deflector (No Seal)
  • For Inward and Outward Opening Doors

Suitable for Moderate Exposure

Additional Information

SKU 1.01.0130.
Available in sizes 914mm to 4590mm
In Finishes Gold GoldMill Mill
Addtional Details
1.01.0130.0914.155016570004213ERD Deflector (no seal)- 914 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.0914.305016570004206ERD Deflector (no seal)- 914 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.0990.15ERD Deflector (no seal)- 990 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.0990.30ERD Deflector (no seal)- 990 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.1000.15ERD Deflector (no seal)-1000 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.1000.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-1000 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.1066.15ERD Deflector (no seal)-1066 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.1066.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-1066 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.1220.155016570006019ERD Deflector (no seal)-1220 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.1220.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-1220 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.1524.15ERD Deflector (no seal)-1524 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.1524.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-1524 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.1829.15ERD Deflector (no seal)-1829 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.1829.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-1829 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.2134.15ERD Deflector (no seal)-2134 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.2134.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-2134 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.2439.15ERD Deflector (no seal)-2439 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.2439.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-2439 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.2744.15ERD Deflector (no seal)-2744 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.2744.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-2744 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.3049.15ERD Deflector (no seal)- 3049 mm-Gold
1.01.0130.3049.30ERD Deflector (no seal)- 3049 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.3354.15ERD Deflector (no seal)- 3354mm-Gold
1.01.0130.3659.30ERD Deflector (no seal)- 3659 mm-Mill
1.01.0130.4269.15ERD Deflector (no seal)-4269 mm-GOLD
1.01.0130.4590.30ERD Deflector (no seal)-4590 mm-MILL