Brush Strip

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Brush Strip
Sizes:914mm to 2134mm
Colours:Brown Powder Coated, Gold , Mill, White Powder Coated
For all types of doors

1.01.0062. Brush Strip

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  • Brush Strip
  • Brushstrip 914mm brown
  • Brushstrip 914mm gold
  • Brushstrip 914mm white
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Brush Strip
  • For all types of doors
  • Hard wearing resilient polypropylene bristle stops draughts, dust, noise, etc.
  • Adjusts to irregular gaps, can be used over carpets.
  • Suitable for domestic and industrial use.

Additional Information

SKU 1.01.0062.
Available in sizes 914mm to 2134mm
In Finishes Brown Powder Coated Brown Powder CoatedGold GoldMill MillWhite Powder Coated White Powder Coated
Addtional Details
1.01.0062.0914.115016570007764Brush Strip -914 mm-Brown Ral 8040*Alum*
1.01.0062.0914.155016570002127Brush Strip -914 mm-Gold
1.01.0062.0914.305016570002110Brush Strip -914 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.0914.355016570007771Brush Strip -914 mm-White Ral 9010*Alum*
1.01.0062.1000.15Brush Strip -1000 mm-Gold
1.01.0062.1000.30Brush Strip -1000 mm -Mill
1.01.0062.1066.15Brush Strip -1066 mm-Gold
1.01.0062.1066.30Brush Strip -1066 mm -Mill
1.01.0062.1220.11Brush Strip-1220 mm-Brown Ral 8040*Alum*
1.01.0062.1220.155016570004251Brush Strip -1220 mm-Gold
1.01.0062.1220.305016570004244Brush Strip -1220 mm -Mill
1.01.0062.1220.35Brush Strip -1220 mm-White Ral 9010*Alum*
1.01.0062.1524.15Brush Strip -1524 mm-Gold
1.01.0062.1524.30Brush Strip -1524 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.1829.15Brush Strip -1829 mm-Gold
1.01.0062.1829.305016570008365Brush Strip -1829 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.1829.35Brush Strip -1829 mm-White Ral 9010*Alum*
1.01.0062.2134.11Brush Strip -2134 mm-Brown Ral 8040*Alum*
1.01.0062.2134.155016570004282Brush Strip -2134 mm-Gold
1.01.0062.2134.305016570004299Brush Strip -2134 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.2134.35Brush Strip -2134 mm-White Ral 9010*Alum*
1.01.0062.2439.11Brush Strip -2439 mm-Brown Ral 8040*Alum*
1.01.0062.2439.30Brush Strip -2439 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.2439.35Brush Strip -2439 mm-White Ral 9010*Alum*
1.01.0062.2744.11Brush Strip -2744 mm-Brown Ral 8040*Alum*
1.01.0062.2744.30Brush Strip -2744 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.3049.11Brush Strip -3049 mm-Brown Ral 8040*Alum*
1.01.0062.3049.30Brush Strip -3049 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.3049.35Brush Strip -3049 mm-White Ral 9010*Alum*
1.01.0062.3354.30Brush Strip -3354 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.3659.30Brush Strip -3659 mm-Mill
1.01.0062.4000.30Brush Strip -4000 mm-MILL
1.01.0062.4000.35Brush Strip -4000 mm-White Ral 9010*Alum*