Brush Strip Pvc

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Brush Strip Pvc
Sizes:914mm - 2134mm
Colours:Brown, White
For all types of doors

1.01.0032. Brush Strip Pvc

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  • Brushstrip 914mm white
  • 5016570002134


Brush Strip Pvc
  • For all types of doors
  • Hard wearing resilient polypropylene bristle stops draughts, dust, noise, etc.
  • Adjusts to irregular gaps, can be used over carpets.
  • Suitable for domestic and industrial use.

Additional Information

SKU 1.01.0032.
Available in sizes 914mm - 2134mm
In Finishes Brown BrownWhite White
Addtional Details
1.01.0032.0914.105016570002141Brush Strip PVC -914 mm-Brown
1.01.0032.0914.355016570002134Brush Strip PVC -914 mm-White
1.01.0032.1220.105016570004220Brush Strip PVC -1.2 metres-Brown
1.01.0032.1220.355016570004237Brush Strip PVC -1.2 metres-White
1.01.0032.1524.10Brush Strip PVC -1524 mm-Brown
1.01.0032.1524.35Brush Strip PVC -1524 mm-White
1.01.0032.1829.10Brush Strip PVC -1829mm- Brown
1.01.0032.1829.35Brush Strip PVC -1829mm-White
1.01.0032.2134.105016570004275Brush Strip PVC -2134 mm-Brown
1.01.0032.2134.355016570004268Brush Strip PVC -2134 mm-White