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Sizes:914mm to 1220mm
Colours:Gold, SAA
For inward opening doors

1.01.0016. Auto-Seal

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  • Auto-Seal


  • For inward opening doors
  • Underdoor floor clearance of up to 25mm
  • The design of this product ensures barrier free access and is therefore ideal for wheelchairs, public buildings etc.
  • An automatic aluminium rise and fall weather excluder for both internal and external doors. Its rise and fall action is performed by stainless steel springs.
  • As the door is opened a hinged profile rises by 25mm to clear floor coverings.

Wheel Chair FriendlySuitable for Moderate ExposurePart M Approved

Additional Information

SKU 1.01.0016.
Available in sizes 914mm to 1220mm
In Finishes Gold GoldSAA SAA
Addtional Details
1.01.0016.0914.155016570002653Auto-Seal-914 mm-Gold
1.01.0016.0914.315016570002660Auto-Seal-914 mm-SAA
1.01.0016.0990.155016570002677Auto-Seal-990 mm-Gold
1.01.0016.0990.315016570002684Auto-Seal-990 mm-SAA
1.01.0016.1000.15Auto-Seal-1000 mm-Gold
1.01.0016.1000.31Auto-Seal-1000 mm-SAA
1.01.0016.1066.155016570002691Auto-Seal-1066 mm-Gold
1.01.0016.1066.315016570002707Auto-Seal-1066 mm-SAA
1.01.0016.1220.155016570002714Auto-Seal-1220 mm-Gold
1.01.0016.1220.315016570002721Auto-Seal-1220 mm-SAA
1.01.0016.1524.15Auto-Seal-1524 mm-Gold
1.01.0016.1524.31Auto-Seal-1524 mm-SAA
1.01.0016.1829.15Auto-Seal-1829 mm-Gold
1.01.0016.1829.31Auto-Seal-1829 mm-SAA